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Regular Papers

  • Goal aligned Categorization of Instance Variants in Knowledge Intensive Processes
    Karthikeyan Ponnalagu, Aditya Ghose, Nanjangud Narendra and Hoa Khanh Dam
  • Improving business processes: Does anybody have an idea?
    Rob J.B. Vanwersch, Irene Vanderfeesten, Eric F. Rietzschel and Hajo A. Reijers
  • BPMN Task Instance Streaming for Efficient Micro-Task Crowdsourcing Processes
    Stefano Tranquillini, Florian Daniel, Pavel Kucherbaev and Fabio Casati
  • Concurrency & Asynchrony in Declarative Workflows
    Søren Debois, Thomas Hildebrandt and Tijs Slaats
  • Process Mining on Databases: Unearthing Historical Data from Redo Logs
    Eduardo González López De Murillas, Wil van der Aalst and Hajo Reijers
  • Mining invisible tasks in non-free-choice constructs
    Qinlong Guo, Lijie Wen, Jianmin Wang, Zhiqiang Yan and Philip S. Yu
  • Log Delta Analysis: Interpretable Differencing of Business Process Event Logs
    Nick R.T.P. van Beest, Marlon Dumas, Luciano García-Bañuelos and Marcello La Rosa
  • Inspection coming due! How to determine the service interval of your processes!
    Jonas Manderscheid, Daniel Reißner and Maximilian Röglinger
  • Fast and Accurate Business Process Drift Detection
    Abderrahmane Maaradji, Marlon Dumas, Marcello La Rosa and Alireza Ostovar
  • Incorporating Negative Information in Process Discovery
    Hernan Ponce-De-Leon, Josep Carmona and Seppe Vanden Broucke
  • Case Analytics Workbench: Platform for Hybrid Process Model Creation and Evolution (Industry Paper)
    Yiqin Yu, Xiang Li, Haifeng Liu, Jing Mei, Nirmal Mukhi, Vatche Ishakian, Guotong Xie, Geetika Lakshmanan and Mike Marin
  • Ensuring Model Consistency in Declarative Process Discovery
    Claudio Di Ciccio, Fabrizio Maria Maggi, Marco Montali and Jan Mendling
  • Complex Symbolic Sequence Encodings for Predictive Monitoring of Business Processes
    Anna Leontjeva, Raffaele Conforti, Chiara Di Francescomarino, Marlon Dumas and Fabrizio Maria Maggi
  • Data-Driven Performance Analysis of Scheduled Processes
    Arik Senderovich, Andreas Rogge-Solti, Avigdor Gal, Jan Mendling, Avishai Mandelbaum, Sarah Kadish and Craig Bunnel
  • Log-Based Simplification of Process Models
    Javier de San Pedro, Josep Carmona and Jordi Cortadella
  • Specification and verification of complex business processes: A High-level Petri net-based approach
    Ahmed Kheldoun, Kamel Barkaoui and Malika Ioualalen
  • Detecting Inconsistencies between Process Models and Textual Descriptions
    Han van der Aa, Henrik Leopold and Hajo A. Reijers
  • Mining Project-Oriented Business Processes
    Saimir Bala, Cristina Cabanillas, Jan Mendling, Andreas Rogge-Solti and Axel Polleres
  • Web-based Modelling and Collaborative Simulation of Declarative Processes (Industry Paper)
    Morten Marquard, Muhammad Shahzad and Tijs Slaats
  • Efficient Process Model Discovery Using Maximal Pattern Mining
    Veronica Liesaputra, Sira Yongchareon and Sivadon Chaisiri
  • Managing controlled violation of temporal process constraints
    Akhil Kumar, Sharat Sabbella and Russell Barton
  • Visually Monitoring Multiple Perspectives of Business Process Compliance
    David Knuplesch, Manfred Reichert and Akhil Kumar
  • Business Process Management Skills and Roles: An Investigation of the Demand and Supply Side of BPM Professionals
    Patrick Lohmann and Michael Zur Muehlen


Short Papers

  • A Framework for Benchmarking BPMN 2.0 Workflow Management Systems
    Vincenzo Ferme, Ana Ivanchikj and Cesare Pautasso
  • A Clinical Pathway Mining Approach to Enable Scheduling of Hospital Relocations and Treatment Services
    Karsten Helbig, Michael Römer and Taieb Mellouli
  • Estimation of Latent Average Waiting and Service Time of Activities From Event Log
    Takahide Nogayama and Haruhisa Takahashi
  • A Structural Model Comparison for finding the Best Performing Models in a Collection
    Dennis Schunselaar, Eric Verbeek, Hajo A. Reijers and Wil van der Aalst
  • Context-Sensitive Textual Recommendations for Incomplete Process Model Elements
    Fabian Pittke, Pedro Henrique Piccoli Richetti, Jan Mendling and Fernanda Araujo Baião
  • Avoiding Over-Fitting in ILP-Based Process Discovery
    Sebastiaan J. van Zelst, Boudewijn Van Dongen and Wil van der Aalst
  • Extracting Configuration Guidance Models from Business Process Repositories
    Nour Assy and Walid Gaaloul