Keynote - Gustavo Ignacio GomezGustavo Ignacio Gomez
CEO, Bizagi

Location: Aula
Time: Wednesday, 2 September 2015, 9:00 – 10:30
Session Chair: Hamid Motahari


Business Process Management Systems (BPMS) have put processes at the centre of the universe. This focus has enabled the creation of formal practice and theories from which IT solutions have benefited enormously during the last 15 years.

By delivering the right information to the right person at the right time, information workers have been empowered by systems that truly understand what they intend to do. And by doing this in a model-driven way whereby the technology adapts itself to this business model – and not the other way around – these new systems have enabled continuous improvement and adaptability: capabilities indispensable to achieving much-desired business agility. Yet despite this, the user experience is often counter-intuitive to the business objectives. Knowledge workers may find themselves asking questions such as:

  • Do I really know which process I want to start when I enter my BPMS application?
  • Do I need to carry out some analysis before I start?
  • Are all process combinations known to me beforehand?
  • How smart is the solution at suggesting processes that actually make sense?

Furthermore, what if we wanted to create modern applications that resemble sophisticated web sites such as or Could we build them with a BPMS? If not… why not? What’s missing? Customer experience (CX) is quickly becoming the hottest buzzword in business and industry. How is CX related to BPMS? What makes a great CX anyway?

In this talk, we will explore how by marrying process and data and extending current process technologies with few new concepts we can create fundamentally new, context-sensitive applications that empower knowledge workers like never before, and redefine the boundaries of what a BPMS can do.


Gustavo Gómez is an entrepreneur who loves solving problems. Equipped with a degree in Computer Science, Gustavo pursued a career in software engineering in Europe and Colombia. In 1989 he founded Bizagi, short for business agility. Despite running a global business, Gustavo’s passion for delighting customers hasn’t changed. Those around him admire his accessibility and hands-on approach, demonstrated through his daily customer interactions, involvement with product improvements, and strategic thinking. Gustavo remains the embodiment of Bizagi’s values of integrity, honesty, and commitment to exceptional service.