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Thursday, 3rd September 2015

14:00 Kolb, Leopold, Mendling: Welcome by the programme chairs
14:15 Keynote: Agnes Koschmider: Quality of Process Element Labels – Where are we now, where should we go from here?
15:00 Storch, Laue, Gruhn: Flexible Evaluation of Textual Labels in Conceptual Models
15:30 Coffee Break

Session 1: Enterprise Modelling
16:00 Koschmider, Caporale, Fellmann, Lehner, Oberweis: Business Process Modeling Support by Depictive and Descriptive Diagrams
16:30 Radloff, Schultz, Nüttgens: Extending different Business Process Modeling Languages with Domain Specific Concepts: The Case of Internal Controls in EPC and BPMN
17:00 Figl, Strembeck: Findings from an Experiment on Flow Direction of Business Process Models

General Meeting EMISA
17:30 Mitgliederversammlung EMISA General Meeting EMISA
18:00 LG EMISA
19:30 Social dinner

Friday, 4th September 2015

Session 2: Information Systems Architecture
09:00 Kossak, Geist: An Enhanced Communication Concept for Business Processes
09:30 Rinderle-Ma, Ma, Madlmayr: Using Content Analysis for Privacy Requirement Extraction and Policy Formalization
10:00 Baumgrass, Cabanillas, Di Ciccio: A Conceptual Architecture for an Event-based Information Aggregation Engine in Smart Logistics
10:30 Coffee Break

Session 3: Process Model Matching Contest
11:00 Leopold, Stuckenschmidt, Weidlich, Meilicke, Kuss: Results of the Process Model Matching Contest 2015
12:00 Kolb, Leopold, Mendling: Workshop Closing