Runner Up und Test of Time Award

The Steering Committee of the Business Process Management (BPM) Conference Series is proud to hand out the BPM Test of Time Award 2015 to:

Alistair P. Barros,
Marlon Dumas, and
Arthur H. M. ter Hofstede

for their paper

Service Interaction Patterns

presented at BPM 2005 in Nancy (

The BPM Test of Time Award is given every two years. In 2015 the award was given to the most influential paper presented at BPM 2005 in Nancy and BPM 2006 in Vienna. The decision was made by the Steering Committee of the BPM conference series and was based on impact of the paper on the BPM field (both from a scientific and practical viewpoint), number of citations (Google Scholar and Scopus), technical quality, and presentation.
The “Service Interaction Patterns” paper from BPM 2005 proposes a set of 13 patterns describing interactions between different collaborating partners. The paper extends the workflow patterns with a crucial, but often forgotten, perspective. It links service-orientation with BPM by focusing on behavior in multi-party collaborative environments. For example, the authors describe the “Request with Referral” pattern (Pattern 11) where one party sends a message to another party with the request to reply to a specified set of parties (that may not have been involved in the initial communication). Next to describing the patterns, the authors evaluate BPEL in the context such interactions.

The BPM 2005 paper is one of the most cited BPM papers of its period. Several research groups in Germany, The Netherlands, Austria and China followed up on this work. The paper provides a bridge from BPM to the services community. Moreover, it helped to raise more awareness for the inter-process communication challenges in BPM.

The Steering Committee congratulates Alistair Barros, Marlon Dumas and Arthur ter Hofstede with their excellent work. The paper has and will serve as a source of inspiration for BPM researchers and practitioners interested in supporting interactions between different collaborating partners. Therefore, it definitely deserves the BPM Test of Time Award 2015.