BPM in Industry
TUE 16:00 – 17:40

Location: Lecture Hall 3
Session Chair: Manfred Reichert

  • Web-based Modelling and Collaborative Simulation of Declarative Processes (Industry Paper)
  • Morten Marquard, Muhammad Shahzad and Tijs Slaats

  • Case Analytics Workbench: Platform for Hybrid Process Model Creation and Evolution (Industry Paper)
  • Yiqin Yu, Xiang Li, Haifeng Liu, Jing Mei, Nirmal Mukhi, Vatche Ishakian, Guotong Xie, Geetika Lakshmanan and Mike Marin

  • A Clinical Pathway Mining Approach to Enable Scheduling of Hospital Relocations and Treatment Services (Short Paper)
  • Karsten Helbig, Michael Römer and Taieb Mellouli

  • A Framework for Benchmarking BPMN 2.0 Workflow Management Systems (Short Paper)
  • Vincenzo Ferme, Ana Ivanchikj and Cesare Pautasso